Pride Party

A few years ago the party police Óli Hjörtur and Dj Yamaho (Natalie Gunnarsdóttir) started together a party called Club Soda. The party is about getting gay musicians and artists to come together on gay pride and make a good party. After taking a brake Club Soda returns this year in collaboration with Húrra. The whole point is to make the gay dance scene more versitile and everybody is invited. This years program will be nothing less than amazing. We start at midnight sharp where the dj duo Sexítæm will honk the party horns. Sexytime is a dj duo the consisting of the party police himself Óli Hjö and the humanitarian and dj Lovísa. Lovisa is also a part of the dj Duo Kanilsnældur. They will finish the nigh of with Nicolas Fischer who is a resident at the Club “Dalston Superstore” (London ) who has been setting the gay scene on fire over there.