Drag is ART

Drag is Art – Dragshow

The show is organized by three drag performers: Lola Von Heart, Chardonnay Bublée and Milo de Mix. Drag is their passion and they want to bring you an amazing night full of wonders, joy and emotion. They want to show you, the audience, how varied and wonderful the city’s drag scene is and create a space where the performers can toot their own horn, showcasing their most quintessential drag!

The cast of the show represents some of the diverse types of Reykjavík drag: Chardonnay Bublée, Miss Gloria Hole, HANS, Jenny Purr, Lola Von Heart, Maggi Magnum, Milo de Mix, Turner Strait, Úlla La Delish & Yan Nuss Starr. The host of the evening is the hilarious Kat McDougal

There will be comedy, drama, darkness, glitter and who knows what else!

Join them to celebrate drag, art and pride!