Ondt i Røven – TV episodes

Ondt i Røven is a Danish comedy series about Tessa who decides to move to Copenhagen. She is tired of living in the countryside where nothing exciting ever happens, and decides to move to the capital to experience the queerness in all its glory – and ideally find love along the way. She soon discovers, however, that it is easier said than done to find herself, love and conquer life – all at the same time. Especially when you’re not that familiar with the queer community so you constantly end up saying the wrong thing.

In Ondt i Røven, we follow Tessa dealing with (and occasionally conquering) everyday life. Tessa learns, amongst other things, how to treat people of different origins, where the boundaries lie with her trans friends and how she can both be part of the new queer family, but also keep contact with her old girlfriends from the countryside. And who knows – maybe she does find love along the way?

Ondt i Røven has been critically acclaimed in Denmark and been nominated for the Danish Rainbow Awards. The episodes have especially been praised for their diversity. With LGBT+ actors, directors and writers they manage to give a realistic picture of Copenhagen’s queer life.

Ondt i Røven consists of six 10 minute episodes (a total of 60 minutes) in Danish with English subtitles.