Join the Pride Parade!

Show your true colors

Those who wish to participate in Reykjavík Pride Parade must apply to Reykjavík Pride by filling out the application here below, no later than August 3rd.

You must complete the digital application form to be eligible to participate in the parade. The parade is open to everyone but Reykjavík Pride emphasises that all participants follow the entire parade route. Anyone can join in after the last truck has gone by.

For more information please contact our Parade Managers or the Security Manager.

Our terms and security tips

Please read our Parade Terms carefully through before you apply.



  •   A group representing a business or company
      A group not connected to a business or company
  • Advertisements from companies and businesses are not allowed in the parade. Reykjavík Pride is proud of their ad-free parade, which is first and foremost a grass-root event and the participants are fighting for and celebrating LGBTIQ+ rights and culture, not representing businesses.

    Instead we encourage companies to support the parade directly by advertising in Reykjavík Pride's magazine which is distributed all over the country. For further information about the magazine, please see the Reykjavík Pride website:

    Sponsors of Reykjavík pride who wish to participate in the parade and get an exception from our rules regarding advertisements must contact the board of Reykjavík pride for approval.

  • Who is the contact person responsible for your group? Please note: The contacts must be reachable in the week before the parade and they must have all information about their group on hand. They are also responsible for getting information from parade management to the rest of their group and their drivers (if applicable).
  •   Yes, both contacts
      Yes, primary contact
      Yes, secondary contact

  •   Motorcycle/atv
      Small car
      Pick up truck
      Large truck

  • Do you want to play music in the parade? Reykjavík Pride provides sound systems (speakers) and generators (to power the speakers) to participants for free. Please keep in mind that the speakers and generators take up a lot of space so this is really only an option for groups that have a large car. Generators can also leak fuel and damage upholstery. The speakers and generators represent a substantial cost for Reyjavík Pride so it is important to apply for this early. If application for sound system and generator is cancelled after Monday 1st of August, the primary contact - who is responsible for the group - must pay a cancelation fee of 30.000 IKR.
  •   Yes
  • If you cancel the usage of sound system/generator after Monday the 1st of August we will send a bill to the online bank of the primary contact. Parade management will only use kennitala to look up the name of the contact person. If your name on the application does not match your name in the Icelandic system we kindly ask you to contact someone from the parade management so we can be aware (our emails and phone numbers can be found on Reykjavík Pride's webpage)

  • Click HERE to read our safety rules and terms.