Safety rules and terms

Each group’s contact is responsible for making sure that this information reaches all participants in their group.

Since the beginning of the Pride Parade, individuals and groups have organized their own floats, but will now also organize their own parade route. The parades will not only take place over the capital area, but the entire country. We ask participants to notify us of the exact location in case an audience appears, and/or if something should happen. With that in mind, we kindly ask you not to advertise your route on social media.

The parades, in all their diversity and glory, start at 2pm on Saturday August 7th.

You will be able to track the parades on various media outlets, and participants will be encouraged to share their experiences on social media. The hashtag we will be using are #stoltskref, #reykjavikpride, #hinsegindagar, #pride2021 and #takeaproudwalk.

Parade Route

Safety rules and terms 

  1. All participants must follow the rules and regulations set by Reykjavík Pride. The person responsible for each group (Contact 1) must make sure that all participants in the group are familiar with the rules and regulations.

Advertisements or distribution

  1. Groups cannot be sponsored by or display logos or trademarks from, third party businesses or organizations without the permission of Reykjavík Pride. Be mindful that advertisements on clothes also count as advertising. 
  2. Paper or plastic confetti that are not biodegradable are prohibited.

Safety regulations

  1. In the case of an emergency police should immediately be contacted by calling 112.
  2. All participants should keep an eye out for problems that can arise, such as protests and vandalism. If participants become aware of anything like that, they must first contact the police by calling 112 and then the parade’s security manager should be informed.
  3. We expect you to not use vehicles this year, but to walk or use bicycles instead, and of course to follow all traffic laws. 
  4. It is not permitted to possess or consume alcohol while participating in the parade.
  5. Reykjavík Pride requires that all participants in the parade show everyone respect, including different cultures and ethnic groups. Costumes may not be degrading or show prejudice towards any group of people, cultures or ethnicities.
An example of an unacceptable costume in the parade is dressing up in blackface, that is to use make up or other means to emulate other ethnicities. This also includes dressing up in any cultural attire that the participant does not belong to. You can read about it here: → Why is Blackface racially socially and politically incorrect?
  6. Reykjavík Pride would like to ask all participants to protect our parade and to not let any inappropriate individuals join their groups.

See also information for participants here.