Safety rules and terms

Last updated in July 2019. The content will be updated again in the summer of 2020.

  • All participants must follow the rules and regulations set by Reykjavík Pride. The person responsible for each group (Contact 1) must make sure that all participants in the group are familiar with the rules and regulations. The parade directors and security manager retain the right to remove individuals or entire groups from the parade if they do not follow security rules

Advertisements or distribution

  1. Groups cannot be sponsored by or display logos or trademarks from, third party businesses or organizations without the permission of Reykjavík Pride. Logos and advertisements on cars and other vehicles must be covered before entering the parade. The parade managers will stop any distribution that has not been permitted. Any distribution or handing out of items, brochures, food, drink, etc. is also not allowed in the parade without a special permission. Any participant or group that displays logos or trademarks without permission will be expelled from the parade. 
  2. Paper or plastic confetti that are not biodegradable are prohibited. And it is strictly forbidden to throw items in the direction of the audience.

Safety regulations

  1. It is not permitted to possess or consume alcohol while participating in the parade.
  2. All participants should keep an eye out for problems that can arise, such as protests and vandalism. If participants become aware of anything like that they must contact the parade’s security manager, unless the matter needs immediate action, in which case police should be contacted by calling 112 and then the parade’s security manager should be informed.
  3. Reykjavík Pride’s security cannot arrest people. However, it is everyone’s civil right to make a citizen’s arrest if a person is dangerous to people and themselves or if a person witnesses a theft. It is worth noting that when performing a citizen’s arrest, a person is not permitted to handcuff or tie up anyone, only the police has permission to do that. This kind of case is usually difficult to handle and this right should not be used except in an emergency.
  4. In the case of an emergency police should immediately be contacted by calling 112 and then the parade’s security manager should be notified.

Vehicle information, rules and safety guidelines

  1. Participants on motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles or scooters must, according to law, wear helmets when driving to and from the parade area. Within the closed area helmets are not required.
  2. Volunteers must walk beside each car or truck in the parade, two for cars four for trucks. The volunteers must make sure that the distance between the truck and the bystanders is at least 1 meter. The volunteers must walk with the truck for the entire duration of the parade and they may not be participants in the group.
  3. All participants standing on platforms or floats must be able to hold on to a firm and sturdy fence or railing for the entire duration of the parade. The platform must be surrounded by a fence at least 1 m high made from sturdy material. Regular ropes are not enough, but ratchet tie down straps will do. It is especially important that the railing is steady and strong at the back of the platform in case the truck accelerates quickly.
  4. The size limits for vehicles participating in the parade are the following, when they are driving to and from the closed parade area: height 4.20 m, width 2.50 m. If the vehicle exceeds those size limits it must have police escort when driving to and from the parade area. Police escort, and any cost that may come with it, is the responsibility of each participant, not Reykjavík Pride.
  5. Information of vehicle‘s length needs to be sent to parade managers by 8th of August by the person responsible for each group. There are no length limits for the vehicles in the parade but every truck must be able to drive the parade route. The person responsible for each group must make sure that the driver gets all information about the parade route, and has driven the route on the vehicle before the parade. Please note that the parade enters the left lane at Lækjargata and continues on the left lane as far as Fríkirkjuvegur.
  6. Big trucks must have stairs or some other way of getting participants down from the platform as fast as possible after the parade has ended. There has often been much chaos and confusion at that point, but it is important that everyone works together to make it go as smoothly as possible. The parade managers requests that participants get off their trucks and out of the parade area as soon as they can.

Sound systems and/or generators

  1. If there is an accident during the parade, groups that have sound systems must give the parade managers access to their car and sound system. All participants must also turn off their sound systems for security reasons if asked to do so by the parade managers or security officers.
  2. Groups that have sound systems and generators provided by Reykjavík Pride must return them as soon as the parade is over in accordance with information given by the parade managers. If sound systems and generators are not returned, the person responsible for the group, will be fined heavily.

Other terms and conditions

  1. Reykjavík Pride requires that all participants in the parade show everyone respect, including different cultures and ethnic groups. Costumes may not be degrading or show prejudice towards any group of people, cultures or ethnicities.
  2. An example of an unacceptable costume in the parade is dressing up in blackface, that is to use make up or other means to emulate other ethnicities. This also includes dressing up as an Indian, Chinese or any other culture the participant does not belong to. You can read about it here: → Why is Blackface racially socially and politically incorrect?
  3. Reykjavík Pride would like to ask all participants to protect our parade and not to let any inappropriate individuals join their groups.

See also information for participants here.