Rainbow schools for all children

What is the status of LGBTQIAP children in the school system? At this event we will discuss how we can make the school more open and accepting for all children and youth – not just those who might be described as queer. Sólveig Rós, education officer of Samtökin ‘78, will introduce the latest research on the matter and how Iceland compares internationally. Sigga Birna, advisor for Samtökin and a teacher, will share her experience of how norms and discourse within schools create and strengthen gender stereotypes and how to battle the negative consequences of that. Kristinn Þorsteinsson, principal of FG secondary school, and Bjarni Snæbjörnsson, actor and former drama teacher at the same school, will share their experience of creating an LGBTI equality policy for the school and why that matters. A forum for discussion will be provided at the end of the event.

This event is aimed towards those working with children and youth, such as teachers, but everyone interested is welcome to attend.

Event in Icelandic.