Reykjavík Goth Night: Before The Fall. ft Skaði

Pride cometh before the fall.

Reykjavik Goth Night is flying the rainbow flag in celebration of Reykjavik Pride and hosting a Gothic party with a queer twist.

Entrance is free and everybody is welcome. Dark/alternative attire is recommended.

Live performance by Skaði:

Skaði Þórðardóttir is a multimedia artist, musician and performer, based in Iceland. She finished her BA degree in Interactive Media Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2014. Since then she has been focusing on her musical career and live performances.

Skaði’s first performance was at the underground drag/burlesque/cabaret show Drag-súgur at the legendary live venue Gaukurinn in January 2016. The previously experimental show has since then grown into a fully formed and critically acclaimed cabaret of the avant-garde and alternative arts and Skaði has had a large part in its success.

On the stage, Skadi is simultaneously an intimate and aggressive performer who has a reputation for agitating her crowd into a fiery frenzy and provoking the status quo with her glittercore being. Dancing until dawn in a dark nightclub with a sincere love for the music that liberates us from the mundane existence is the inspiration.

Weirdo’s of any names: Goths, rockers, punks, ravers, hip-hoppers, metal heads and all or any who have found freedom and euphoria in music – are those who continue to shape Skaði.


Our resident DJ’s Gbit, Vetrarsorg and Mole IX will perform for this event and will be joined again by DJ FluffyCthulhu for the first time since 2015

Sadly it is not wheelchair accessable