Volunteer Opportunities

Reykjavik Pride is one of Iceland’s biggest festivals. It takes place over six days and tens of thousands of people participate. Reykjavik Pride grows with every year and today offers a wide variety of events in the fields of culture, education, sports and entertainment.​​

Volunteers play a huge role in the Pride’s success as it is run entirely by the efforts of those willing to help out. These are some of the groups you can volunteer to help out in:

  • The Pride Parade
  • The Reykjavik Pride Boutique / Service Center
  • Pride Events
  • Pride Magazine

Why Volunteer?

  • Help us make Reykjavik Pride even better!
  • Learn about LGBT Iceland
  • Gain experience that will help you in other fields of your career
  • Broaden your horizons and get to know new people
  • Show what you’re made of and get your ideas out there
  • Receive guidance from people with experience
  • Volunteers are why Reykjavik Pride exists!
  •  It’s fun:)

Would you like to volunteer?

Drop us a line (sjalfbodalidar@hinsegindagar.is) and tell us how we can reach you.

Don’t forget to share any special skills you might have if you think they could apply 🙂