Queen of fokking everything – AFLÝST


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Hera Björk has been many things in her life. Singer, songwriter, mother, wife, business owner, host and diva, but one title fits all of this under one crown, ‘The Queen of Fokking Everything.’ Join this Icelandic treasure as she takes you on a hilarious journey through the stories of her life that lead her to the woman she is today.

From mixtapes in her bedroom to the Eurovision stage, to headlining parties for gays all over the world, Hera Björk has captivated hearts throughout her thirty plus years in the biz, but has it been easy? What has it been like to juggle the diva crown while raising a family? How did she make that transition from back up singer to main stage event? Does she ever get sick of singing Je Ne Sais Quoi?

All this and more will be explored in this one-woman show filled with jokes, music, glitter and heels.

The crown is heavy darling, and Hera will show you how she developed the stamina, wit and of course the voice to sit comfortably on a throne she carved for herself on this little rock in the Atlantic Ocean.

Don’t miss the Icelandic premiere of this honest and fun-filled show that will answer many of the questions you have about this Icelandic diva.

The doors open at 9pm. Show starts at 10pm.