Helga elected new chairman

Helga Haraldsdóttir was elected chairperson at the Reykjavík Pride general meeting on the 23rd November. Helga first joined the board of Reykjavík Pride in 2018 and has played a major role in shaping the festival in recent years. For the last year, she has led the organization’s festival program team, which takes care of the festival’s major events, such as the opening ceremony, outdoor festival and closing ceremony. Helga is the head chef at Food and drink and runs her own company, Kandís. We wish Helga the best of luck with her new role.
Helga takes over from Gunnlaugur Bragi Björnsson, who has been on the board of Hinsegin daga since 2013. First handling the financial aspect of the organization but has led the organization since 2018, with a short break in 2020-2021. Gunnlaugur has been instrumental in building the festival up and making it the extensive and diverse festival we know today. He has done invaluable volunteer work and has been extremely unselfish with his time. We are grateful to Gunnlaug for his contribution to the queer community and look forward to seeing what he does next.

Helga Haraldsdóttir has been an active member of Reykjavík Pride for many years.
Helga Haraldsdóttir has been an active member of Reykjavík Pride for many years.
Outgoing board members, Ragnar Veigar, Róberta and Gunnlaugur.


In addition to Gunnlaugur, Róberta Anderssen and Ragnar Veigar Guðmundsson have resigned from Reykjavík Pride. Three new board members were elected in their place and they are: Ragnheiður Ásta Þorvarðardóttir, Alexander Aron Guðjónsson and Sigríður Ásdís Þórhallsdóttir. We thank Róberta and Ragnar very much for their excellent work and welcome Ragnheiður, Alexander and Sigga Dísa.


In light of the good financial situation of the festival, the board of Reykjavík Pride decided to grant the Samtökin ’78 a grant in the amount of ISK 1,000,000 and Trans Ísland 500,000 ISK. Hopefully this support will be useful in the ongoing struggle of these good sister organizations of ours. The company would also like to express its great thanks to Samtökin ’78 and Trans Ísland for their cooperation in the past years. Working with them has proven to be important and a priceless experience for Reykjavík Pride.