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The media plays an important role in sharing the LGBT+ communities’ message, stories, and experiences with the general society and the wider world as well as generating important conversations on issues related to our community and human rights in general. Therefore we value the media contribution and highly appreciate good communication and beneficial collaboration.

Media inquiries: Please email or contact our office via

Talking about Reykjavik Pride

Our organisation name is Hinsegin dagar í Reykjavík. Our event is Hinsegin dagar or Reykjavik Pride.

Please don’t refer to us as Reykjavik Gay Pride or Gay Pride which excludes multiple members of the LGBT+ community.


The media and our sponsors are allowed to use our logo, which can be found here:

Hinsegin dagar / Reykjavik Pride
Hinsegin dagar / Reykjavik Pride


We can supply a variety of images for the media and our sponsors to use. Where used, a credit for Reykjavik Pride and/or the photographer must be included.

A selection of images can be found here

For further information regarding images or to request different images, please reach out to

Reykjavik Pride on Social Media


An official Reykjavik Pride Press Pass is mandatory to access ticketed events, the parade, and stage areas.

The number of Reykjavik Pride Press Passes is limited so please apply in advance via