Reykjavik Pride Opening Ceremony


It’s time for the annual queer family reunion, and this year we will be located in Reykjavik Art Museum, Hafnarhús by Tryggvagata. The venue opens at 7 PM with pre-show complimentary drinks from Ölgerð Egils Skallagrímssonar and Borg brugghús. At 8 PM we officially start the festivities followed by performances from some of our fantastic queer entertainers.

Come, meet the family and part-take in the festivities.

We offer a limited number of tickets for a section where you can enjoy the evening but uphold social distancing.

Reykjavik Pride offers many free events during the festival. At other events we try to keep the ticket cost moderate. We don’t want anyone to miss the Opening Ceremony, so if you are not able to pay the entrance fee please send us a message at and we will provide you with a free ticket.