Welcome to Reykjavík Pride 2020

The main goal of Reykjavik Pride was, and is, to organize the Pride Parade where we visibly celebrate our victories, and continue the fight for LGBTQI+ rights. This year we celebrate the 20th birthday of the Reykjavik Pride Parade and all the steps we have made towards equal rights for LGBTQI+ people in Iceland. Every step should be celebrated, every step should be taken proudly as behind every step are people that have had to fight for their right to exist, for the right to love, for the right to express their gender identity, and their right to be who they are without societal aggression.

The Pride Parade is the manifestation of those steps and the pride that comes with each one we take. Steps we take as one, but for all. Many have taken their first step out of the closet at the Pride Parade, walking proudly towards their future, proud in and of  their own skin, raised their fist against prejudice and given oppressive societal norms the finger. With every step we hope to eradicate the shame that way too often follows LGBTIQI+ people around. The shame that is brought on you when you don’t fit the mold – you don’t belong. Know that you do belong and that you are seen and respected.

We dedicate this year’s Reykjavik Pride to those people that have fought for LGBTQI+ rights and dared to take those proud steps out in the open. We dedicate this year’s pride to you.