LGBTQIA+ organisations in Iceland

Hinsegin dagar í Reykjavík / Reykjavik Pride – – Facebook: reykjavikpride

Reykjavik Pride is an independent non-profit organisation whose one and only purpose is to organise the Pride festival in Reykjavík every year. The organisation is run solely by volunteers. Everyone who supports queer rights and wants to help with organising Reykjavik Pride can become a member.

Samtökin ’78 – félag hinsegin fólks á Íslandi / The National Queer Organisation – – Facebook: samtokin78

The National Queer Organisation of Iceland was the first queer organisation in Iceland and under its lead many great achievements in relation to queer rights have been made. The goal of the organisation is twofold: To fight for queer rights and interests and thereby aim for equality in all fields of the society, and to create a social and cultural context where queer identity and solidarity can prosper.

Q – Félag hinsegin stúdenta / Q – Queer Student Association – – Facebook: qfelag

Q – Queer Student Association was founded in 1999. It organises various events for queer youth and students. One of its main goals is moreover to be a visible force and advocate for queer rights and interests within the universities in Iceland. Q is an active member of the European organisations Transgender-Europe and IGLYO.

Trans-Ísland / Trans Iceland – – Facebook: transisland

Trans Iceland was founded in 2007. Its goal is to create a cultural setting for trans people and their families and thereby bolster their sense of identity, to work towards judicial improvement and education on trans issues, and to cooperate with other queer organisations. Trans Iceland has grown alongside the trans community and Non-Binary Iceland is now an official part of the organisation.

Íþróttafélagið Styrmir / Styrmir Sport Club – Facebook:

Styrmir Sport Club was founded in 2006 and has since then been one of the most flourishing queer grass-roots movements in Iceland. The group organises football, swimming and volleyball training sessions, as well as various large and small-scale sport events. The members of Styrmir participate in competitions and tournaments in Iceland and abroad every year. Everyone is welcome to attend training sessions, both beginners and more advanced.

KMK – Konur með konum / Women with women – Facebook: kmk.sms

KMK – Women with women – is a grass-root movement that was established around 1990. Its purpose is to increase the visibility and solidarity of lesbians and to create a setting where they can meet. The girls in KMK play volleyball and have participated in international tournaments.

Félag hinsegin foreldra / Association of LGBT parents – Facebook: felag.foreldra

The Association of LGBT parents is one of the youngest queer organisations in Iceland. Their goal is to create a setting where children of LGBT parents can meet, and to share experiences and advice about parenting.

Hinsegin kórinn / Reykjavík Queer Choir – – Facebook: hinseginkorinn

The Reykjavík Queer Choir was established in 2011. Its goal is to create a open-minded environment where people can meet and sing together, to increase queer people’s participation in the cultural life, to be a positive role-model, and to boost the visibility of queer people. To achieve this the choir organises regular practices, concerts and travels both within Iceland and abroad. The choir is open to all who undergo a vocal range test that is usually held twice a year.

HIN – Hinsegin Norðurland – – Facebook: hinsegin

Hinsegin Norðurland is an educational and support organisation located in Akureyri. HIN manages education on queer issues for primary and secondary schools and organises various events, such as drag shows. The group meets on the 3rd floor of Rósenborg community centre at 7:30 p.m. every Tuesday and everyone is welcome.

Intersex Ísland / Intersex Iceland

Intersex Iceland was established on 27 June 2014. It is an organisation for intersex people, their families and supporters. The members of Intersex Iceland meet on the first Tuesday of every month in the facilities of the National Queer Organisation.

Kynsegin Ísland / Non-binary Iceland – – Facebook: nonbinaryiceland

Non-binary Iceland started as a support group for people who don’t feel they belong within the gender binary. The group has grown slowly but steadily from the day it was founded in September 2013, and is now officially a part of Trans Iceland. Non-binary Iceland hopes to increase people’s awareness about non-binary issues and provide education about what it means not to be simply a man or a woman.