Welcome to Reykjavik Pride

This summer we celebrate the 17th Reykjavík Pride and the programme is fabulous and diverse as usual. Between 4–9 August pride visitors are invited to enjoy all sorts of events, from film screenings, circus shows, lectures and panel discussions to sports events, and of course the main annual events: the Opening Ceremony, the Pride Parade and the Pride Ball.

This time we have chosen a theme for the festival which is “health”, and the interviews and articles in the programme guide are focused on various aspects of health, health care and the queer society. The covers – there are five of them! – are also a part of the theme, since they represent five different queer bodies and words that designate both positive and negative (and neutral) feelings, identity labels and other phenomena that often mark the lives of LGBTIQ people and affect their physical, emotional and mental health.

On behalf of Reykjavik Pride we invite you to join us for a week of pride, activism, entertainment, performance, education, glitter and joy – Welcome to Reykjavík Pride 2015!

Jón Kjartan Ágústsson and Ásta Kristín Benediktsdóttir, editors.