Information for participants

This year we celebrate the Pride Parade’s 20th anniversary. The Parade is still an important part of visibility, fight, happiness and pride for Queer people, and therefore important that the parade goes on. However, due to the worldwide pandemic, the Parade will be organized to the standards set forth by the health and safety guidelines currently in effect.

Parade Route

Since the beginning of the Pride Parade, individuals and groups have organized their own floats, but will now also organize their own parade route. The parades will not only take place over the capital area, but the entire country. We ask participants to notify us of the exact location in case an audience appears, and/or if something should happen. With that in mind, we kindly ask you not to advertise your route on social media.

The parades, in all their diversity and glory, start at 2pm on Saturday August 8th.

You will be able to track the parades on various media outlets, and participants will be encouraged to share their experiences on social media. The hashtag we will be using are #stoltskref, #reykjavikpride, #hinsegindagar, #pride2020 and #takeaproudwalk.

Stage introduction

  • Each group will be introduced on social media. Every group writes their own introduction – This text needs to be sent to

See also our safety rules and terms here.