Here you can find information on roadblocks during Reykjavik Pride 2022.

Bankastræti – temporary rainbow street

The opening act of Reykjavik Pride will be turn Bankastræti street into a temporary Rainbow street. This is expected to be done from 12pm on Tuesday 2 August but dates/timing may change due to weather.

This will cause the following roadblocks:
Þingholtsstræti street will be closed between Amtmannsstígur street and Bankastræti street on 2 August.
Bankastræti street will be closed for traffic from Ingólfsstræti street during 2-8 August.

Roadblocks 2. ágúst

Roadblocks 2.-8. ágúst

Due to Reykjavik Pride Parade and Outdoor Concert 6 August

Due to Reykjavik Pride Parade roadblocks in the city centre can be expected between 9am and 6pm as shown on the map on the right. The roadblocks are done in cooperation with the City of Reykjavik and have been approved by the Department of Environment and Planning. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these roadblocks.

Map explanations:

  • RED = Pride Parade route
  • YELLOW = Roadblock
  • PURPLE = Set up area for big trucks participating in the pride parade
  • GREEN = Set up area for walking groups and smaller cars participating in the pride parade

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