Join the Pride Parade

There are multiple ways to take part in Reykjavik Pride Parade. Before applying, please carefully read throught the following pages:

Safety rules & terms 

Information for participants


Those who wish to join Reykjavík Pride Parade must apply to Reykjavík Pride by filling out a special application form. You must complete the application form to be eligible to participate in the parade. The parade is open to everyone but Reykjavík Pride emphasises that all participants follow the entire parade route. Anyone can join in after the last truck has gone by.

Register your group

Formal and informal groups that plan to walk together, have a float or participate in any other way in the parade should fill out this form.

Register your group

Apply for a grant

Every year a number of individuals and groups get financial support to participate in the Reykjavik Pride Parade through the Pride Parade Fund, a collaboration between Reykjavik Pride and Landsbankinn bank.

Apply for funding


If you’re not a part of a group you have three ways to join the parade:


It takes a large group of people to make Reykjavik Pride happen. Join us a a volunteer to help us out.

Register as a volunteer

Group of individuals

People who are not affiliated with an LGBT+ organisation or who’s employer is not joining in the parade are still able to join us and walk in the parade.

Join the parade as an individual


Join us as a flagbearer and be either one of the people leading the parade or the group that carries our 10-metre rainbow flag sewn by Gilbert Baker himself.

Join as a flagbearer in the parade